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India’s First Chat Bot
for Educational Institutes

With 5+ years of Experience in the Education Domain, PinnacleWorks has customized its product “SuperBot” exclusively for the Educational Organizations. With the help of more than 100000+ users data, the bot is trained to answer all the possible queries.

Since, the Bot could be integrated with multiple platforms, it allows the organizations to capture all the leads from various online sources at one place. The Bot is capable of handling virtually unlimited users at a time & could answer queries related to admissions, fee structure, facilities, faculties, academic calendars, etc.

Why SuperBot

Capable of Scheduling Campus Visit

SuperBot, with the help of its feature of Custom Form Integration, is capable of shceduling Campus Visit by taking the details and date of visit from the students in the chat itself.

Capture all your leads

With a response rate of 2-3 seconds per chat, the bot is capable of attending all the queries 24*7, leading to capturing of all the potential leads and increased ROI

Integration with CRMs

The Bot is capable of getting integrated with different CRMs like CampusEnrol, leading to directing feeding of the details of Interested Candidates and Campus Visits into the system.

Multi-Platform Integration

Not only website but the bot could also be integrated with Facebook, Google Assistants while Twitter, Skype and IVR integrations are in process and will be rolled out soon.

Multi-Lingual Support

The Bot apart from English, can entertain queries in Hinglish also. It will soon be able to support regional languages too, so that it could be used by all the Institutes across India.

User Recall Value

Unlike Human Agents, the Bot remember all its users as a Chat History is maintained for every user and thus,the chat session never ends in case of SuperBot

Self- Learning Capability

The Bot is able to Self- Learn with time due to the Machine Learning Technology it has been built on.The More the Queries it Answers the Smarter it gets every second.

Cost - Effective

The SuperBot does the work of multiple agents alone and therefore saves the cost involved in managing multiple people.

Current Scenario of Resources Utilised

Criteria for Evaluation  Values
Maximum number of Hours a Human Agent Can devote  8 hours
No of Agents required to cover 24*7  3
No. of Sessions One Agent Can Handle in parallel 2-3 (at max)
No of Sessions attended in a day by all the counselors 300-350 ( at max keeping 5 minutes response time per 3 users)
No of Sessions Missed 2400 approximately
Cost Involved in using Human Agents  Rs.75,000/- (if per counselor is given 25,000/- pm)

Limitations of Using Human Agents

  • Loss of Queries, since the human agents are not able to attend all the visitors & at max are capable of handling 15% of the total visitors, it leads to loss of queries & low customer satisfaction rate
  • Limited Knowledge Possessed, human brain can’t memorize all the data and recall it instantly when required leading to delay in response
  • Loss of Leads, in the absence of automatic processes and forms most of the time the agents forget to collect information of the visitors and thence leads to the loss of potential leads.
  • Grammatical Errors, the human agents may not be that proficient in English Language leading to grammatical errors while replying & leaving a negative impression on the visitor.
  • Providing Incorrect Information, since the human agents could not reminisce all the information, they end up providing incorrect information leading to misunderstanding and loss of customer satisfaction.

See it in Action

We know it’s not easy to understand how a thing works by just reading its manual! Therefore, in order to provide the first hand experience of How the Bot Works and to get one familiar with its witty answers,we have developed demo pages for the institutes like Universities, Colleges, etc. which provide Higher Education as well for Schools. With the help of this, one could easily visit the pages and experience how the Bot answers the queries related to Schools and Colleges on different platform i.e. Website and on Facebook Messenger.

Live Demos Available For

Higher Education

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