A ChatBot to attend all the Business Queries

With 5+ years of experience and with a vision to bring revolution in the IT industry, PinnacleWorks came up with its product SuperBot. The Bot has been designed to automate the entire process of providing Online Chat Support by the Businesses to its Customers.

Since, the Bot comes with in-built forms,it not only attend to customer queries but also generate leads parallely by giving them the option to leave their details for any of the required services, so that the call executives could get in touch with them. The Bot is capable of handling virtually unlimited users at a time & could answer all the queries in a 2-3 seconds only.


Why SuperBot

Cost - Effective

SuperBot does the work of multiple agents single-handedly and therefore saves the cost spent in the training, managing and hiring of multiple agents.

Multi-Lingual Support

The Bot apart from English, can entertain queries in Hinglish as well. It will soon be able to support regional languages too, so that it could be used by all the Businesses across the Globe.

Capture Leads

With custom form feature, the Bot is capable of capturing all the potential leads, leading to increased ROI and growth of the Businesses.

Integration with CRMs

The Bot is capable of getting integrated with different CRMs, leading to directing feeding of the details of Interested Customers  into the system.

Multi-Platform Integration

Not only website but the bot could also be integrated with Facebook, Google Assistants while Twitter, Skype and IVR integrations are in process and will be rolled out soon.

User Recall Feature

Unlike Human Agents, the Bot remembers all its users as a Chat History is maintained for every user and thus, the Chat session never ends in case of SuperBot.

Self - Learning Capability

The Bot is able to Self- Learn with time due to the Machine Learning Technology it has been built on. The more the queries it answers, smarter it gets every second.

Unlimited Information Storage

Unlike Human Brain, the system can store unlimited information and can recall them within seconds avoiding the situations of wrong information flow due to the limitations of Human Brain.

See it in Action

We know its not easy to understand how a thing works by just reading its manual! Therefore, in order to provide the first hand experience of How the Bot works and to get one familiar with its witty answers, we have developed a demo page for the Banks. With the help of this, one could easily visit the pages and experience how the Bot answers the queries related to various Branches of the Banks, services offered, etc. on multiple platforms i.e Website and on Facebook Messenger.

Live Demos For Banks