What is SuperBot

SuperBot is a Smart Bot developed with the help of technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered by Google Algorithms for assisting organizations to attend their online queries.The Bot’s intelligence is backed by high data analytics and research. The AI technology used, makes it smarter every second, as it empowers the Bot with a Self-Learning Capability.

The Bot is capable of handling virtually unlimited visitors concurrently. It can work 24*7 with a response time of 2 seconds, while covering 80% of the possible questions & scenarios.

Stunning Features

Multi Platform Integration

The Systems API could be integrated with multiple platforms where the queries from users are required to be handled.

End to End Reporting

There will be detailed analytics which will give a thorough insight like: no. of chats done in a day, topics were covered during the chat, leads generated, etc.

Self Learning Capability

Since the system has been developed by using Machine Learning which makes it capable of self learning the things.


Multi User Handling

The System is capable of handling virtually unlimited users concurrently, thus increasing the system efficiency

High Response Rate

The system has been designed in  such a way that the Response Rate is maintained of less than 2 seconds.

High Understanding Power

Using NLU powered by Google Algorithms, the system is capable of understanding the intent of the query and responds back accordingly with the relevant answers

SuperBot In Media

Platforms it Works On

Real Time Monitoring

SuperBot doesn’t only simplify the counselling need, but it also provides real time monitoring to the managers.It enables organisations, to easily aggregate and manipulate the data handled by the bot in a centralized analytics dashboard. With access to the admin panel, they could see real-time reports of the No. of Chats Done as well as the topic around which number of chats were done.It provides actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface to help managers review data trends, and diagnose the chat trends.

This powerful, data-driven approach enable institutes to monitor performance and implement corrective actions to achieve higher satisfaction rate among the online visitors.One could even see the chat history of all the individual chats done and can analyse that which information are missing or are much asked about the institute, allowing them to decide the best possible way of presentation of those information.
This way they could also monitor the performance of the SuperBot and could evaluate its performance.